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First Place


        'Men Do Cry'

The monochrome image of half a face is entitled "Men Do Cry". I shot the image on a Canon 1100D and used an ISO of 100, a shutter speed of 1/60 and an aperture of 3.6. I used two soft boxes and a hair light with a silver reflector to light the model. The point I was trying to make with the image was that seeing a man cry is shocking and this mostly because society buys into the idea that males must be strong and "manly" - yet this concept is toxic.

Robert Spicer, 17, Portrait Category Winner & Overall 1st Place

Judges comments:

'The Portrait category received some of the strongest images, but this photograph captured my attention from the moment I saw it. I wanted to know more about the subject - why was he crying? Robert has also demonstrated technical skills in the composition, lighting and depth of field, and the image captures genuine emotion.'

Overall 2nd Place

Kira (22) First place Street - 2nd Place overall.jpeg

Kira Krász, 22, Street Photography Winner & Overall 2nd Place

My aim was to capture the metal sculptures that remained in my hometown, Pécs in Hungary. They are constantly removing them from the map because when they were built during the Soviet Era, there were fewer restrictions for safety. Although for me they mean the base of my childhood memories, “ the suburbs”, the spots to hang out with my friends or even with my grandma. It is an astonishing feeling to realise you have grown up by the size of the objects changing around you, from giant to ordinary, from familiar to surreal.

Judges comments:

'I Love the composition, cool colour palette and the wonderful confusion of arms and legs, I like also the visual reference to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci drawing of Man. This is just a picture of two girls on a climbing frame but the photographer has used the camera to make it into so much more, something out of nothing which is the essence of Street Photography.'

Overall 3rd Place

Emma - 3rd Place Overall Winner and 1st Place in the Fashion category .jpg

Emma Louise Carney, 21, Fashion Winner & Overall 3rd Place

Social Standards was a shoot that directly says what everyone else is thinking, that the idea to be perfect is a social construct. The idea was to use colours that represent the branding of the platforms.



Judges comments:

'Fashion & beauty requires a strong team around you, and this image is a fine example of teamwork: very well lit, great model choice and striking hair and make-up.'

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